2013-2014 Catalog

Course Numbering System

Courses at Western Wyoming Community College are identified by a set of numbers and letters. The letters are abbreviations that are listed below. The set of 4 numbers indicates the level of the course: 1000s are freshman, 2000s are sophomore and 0000s are non-transferable courses.

Business & Information Systems

ACCT Accounting
BADM Business Administration
BOTK Business Office Technology
BUSN Business
CMAP Computer Applications
COSC Computer Science
ECON Economics
FIN Finance
IMGT Information Management
MGT Management & Supervision
MKT Marketing
MOA Medical Office Assistant

Developmental Studies

BAS, DVST Basic Skills
DVST, BAS English for Speakers of Other Languages
HMDV Human Development

Health Science

HLTK Allied Health Technology
HLED Health Education
HOEC Home Economics/Nutrition
NRST Nursing
OEAC Outdoor Education Activity
PEAC Physical Activity
PEAT Varsity Athletics
PEPR Physical Education, Professional
PHLB Phlebotomy


COMM Communications
EDCI Education
EDEC Education, Early Childhood
EDEL Education, Elementary
EDEX Education, Exceptional Child
EDFD Education, Fundamentals
EDUC Education, Recertification
ENGL English
FREN French
GERM German
HUMN Humanities
ITEC Instructional Technology
LIBS Library Science
PHIL Philosophy
SPAN Spanish

Science & Mathematics

ASTR           Astronomy
BIOL Biology
CHEM Chemistry
ENTO     Entomology
ES Engineering (Gen.) & Tech.
GEOL Geology
MATH Mathematics
PHYS Physics
REWM Rangeland Ecol & Watershd Mgt
RNEW Renewable Resources
STAT Statistics

Social Sciences

ANTH Anthropology
CRMJ Criminal Justice
EMGT Emergency Management
G&R Geography & Recreation
HIST History
POLS Political Science
PSYC Psychology
SOC Sociology

Technology & Industry

AFVT Alt. Fuel Vehicle Technology
AUTO Auto Technology
CMPT Compression Technology
CNTK Construction Technology
DESL Diesel Technology
ELAP Electrical Apprenticeship
ELTR Electricity/Electronic/Instrumentation Technology
INDM Industrial Maintenance (Gen.)
MCH Machine Tool Technology
MINE Mining Technology
OGPT Oil & Gas Production Technology
SAFE Safety Technology
TECH Technology
TTD Tractor Trailer Driving
WELD Welding Technology

Visual & Performing Arts

ART Art, Ceramics & Photography
MUSC Music
THEA Theatre and Dance

The first digit in each number indicates whether the course is designed primarily for freshman (in which the number is a 1 as in ENGL 1010) or for sophomores (in which the number is 2 as in ENGL 2010) or for non-transferable courses (in which the number is a 0 as in ENGL 0950).