2014-2015 Catalog

Non-Academic Grievance

(Complaints About Unfair Treatment)

The College has a grievance procedure available to hear student complaints about unfair treatment, including suspension and dismissal from the College. This nonacademic grievance procedure seeks to ensure that students are treated fairly with due process.

Due process ensures the student that the College is not arbitrary in its actions. In all cases, due process requires that students know the charges against them, have the opportunity to refute these charges, and have the right to appeal. Once confronted with the charges and the college’s decision, students may appeal this decision to the Student Affairs Appeals Board. This board serves to safeguard these rights and also strives to fairly and reasonably interpret various College policies relating to student conduct.

The entire policy may be found in the student handbook on the College website www.wwcc.wy.edu, or by contacting the Vice President for Student Success Services.