2014-2015 Catalog

Our Governance and Administration

Western Wyoming Community College is under the control of a locally elected Board of Trustees responsible for governing Western Wyoming Community College District. It is a public, non-profit, tax-supported, co-educational, two-year community college.

Board of Trustees:

President Vice President
Mr. James Roth, Rock Springs Mr. George Eckman, Green River
Secretary Members
Mr. Dick Boettcher, Rock Springs Ms. Lynne Chadey, Rock Springs
Treasurer Ms. Shannon Honaker, Rock Springs
Mr. Richard Baxter III, Green River Dr. Tom Spicer, Rock Springs

Administrative Staff:

President V.P. for Student Success Services
Dr. Karla Leach Dr. Jackie Freeze
V.P. for Student Learning V.P. for Administrative Services
Dr. Kim Farley Mr. Marty Kelsey
Assoc V.P. for Admin Services
Ms. Carla Budd