2014-2015 Catalog

Engineering Emphasis AS Degree

Engineering is a popular career because engineers have a variety of employment opportunities with some of the highest starting salaries. Engineering, however, is a rigorous program that often requires more than four years of study. Our program provides the first two years in small classes that provide challenging projects but with more individual attention than at most four-year institutions. With an A.S. in Engineering from Western, you will have a strong foundation in engineering science, the liberal arts, and mathematics that you will need to transfer and successfully complete a bachelor’s degree at a four-year institution.

Because students have different mathematical backgrounds, we offer two plans, one for students who are ready to take calculus and the other for those who need to complete precalculus.. Most of the engineering classes require math prerequisites.

Students who will be transferring should ask their advisor about the 2+3 transfer agreement with the University of Wyoming and other universities. This agreement outlines plans of study in various engineering disciplines that suggests a reasonable five-year curriculum. Students should plan carefully and select a transfer program early. The selection of WWCC courses by the student and advisor will depend on the student’s particular engineering field and the requirement of the university.