2014-2015 Catalog

Social Sciences

Social Sciences view people in their social, historical, political, and philosophical context while respecting the integrity of the individual. Students will be challenged to broaden and deepen knowledge in such areas anthropology, criminal justice, history, human services, political science, pre-law, psychology, and sociology. These programs are particu­larly important for those individuals interested in careers in govern­ment, law, education, psychology, or social work.

Social Services – helping people help themselves – has become big business in America. Careers in traditional social services like teaching, church and law, continue. In addition, over the past 20 years, hundreds of federal, state, and local aid programs have been set up – from adult education classes to state employment services – with many new career opportunities. Most social services careers require bachelors degrees or graduate school.

This list of courses in the following Suggested Programs are offered as general guidelines. The student and student’s advisor will mutually devise a program to fit individual needs and abilities.