2014-2015 Catalog

Visual and Performing Arts

The Visual & Performing Arts programs at Western are designed for an individual to explore and develop creative talents and abilities. Visual & Performing Arts can be the core of a general studies program and the student can earn an Associate of Arts degree with emphasis in Art, Ceramics, Dance, Music, Musical Theatre, Technical Theatre or Theatre. Students wishing a concentrated course of study may choose to earn an Associate of Fine Arts degree in Visual Arts: 2-D, Musical Theatre, or Technical Theatre. The Associate of Fine Arts degree prepares the student for professional work or future studies in a Bachelor of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Arts program.

Suggested programs in each of the following areas of emphasis are offered as general guidelines. Each student’s program will be mutually devised by the student and the student’s advisor to fit individual needs and abilities. Transfer students should consult the catalog of the transfer school of their choice for comparison.