2014-2015 Catalog


Credit Courses

A portion of tuition and fees will be refunded to any student who withdraws officially within the time specified below. The portion refundable depends upon the number of days all courses have been in session. Refunds do not go into effect until signed paperwork is turned into Registration & Records or appropriate off-campus administrative office.

Calendar Days from Date Semester-Long Courses Begin:

1 to 10 days inclusive


11 to 20 days inclusive


21 to 30 days inclusive


31 days or more


Note: For block courses, a comparable prorated schedule is applied. Flexible entry courses are nonrefundable after the last day to add the course if it were not flexible. Check with Registration & Records for actual percentages.

Non-Credit Courses

Generally, tuition and fees are not refundable for non-credit classes. Exceptions for extenuating circumstances may be made by the Registrar or appropriate Vice President.