2014-2015 Catalog

Credit for Extra-Institutional Learning

Life Experience

Western Wyoming Community College recognizes the viability of “extra-institutional learning”. Extra-institutional learning is defined as learning that is attained outside the sponsorship of legally authorized and accredited post-secondary institutions. The term applies to learning acquired from work experience for extra-institutional learning in the following ways:

  1. By taking the appropriate College Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations.
  2. By taking an institutional course challenge examination if no CLEP test is available in that course area.
  3. By having gained extra-institutional learning in courses and programs listed in the Cooperative Assessment of Experimental Learning of the Education Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey; Guide to the Evaluation of Educational Experiences in the Armed Services and The National Guide to Credit Recommendations for Non-collegiate Courses published by the American Council on Education.
  4. By submitting documentation of formal training to Registration & Records. The College Faculty reviews the material and, if appropriate, makes a recommendation for credit. This process can only be applied to work which corresponds to a specific course offered at Western. To qualify for Life Experience credit, the student must be enrolled at WWCC.

Grades granted for extra-institutional learning will be duly noted on the transcript and S-U grades will be assigned when appropriate.

A maximum of forty hours can be granted for extra-institutional learning toward an associate degree.

Credit by Examination

There are two major ways by which a student may test for college credit without enrolling in a college course:

  1. College Level Examination Program (CLEP) is sponsored by Educational Testing Service, and is a nationally accepted alternative college credit program. WWCC is an approved National Test Center for CLEP, and administers computer-based CLEP examinations to any person who wishes to be tested, however credit will only be transferred to WWCC transcripts for testing candidates with an active WWCC transcript. CLEP exams are administered on an individual basis, and are proctored in the Student Development Center. The Student Development Center should be contacted directly for more information on fees, subject tests, and scheduling. Students can also visit the CLEP website at www.collegeboard.com/CLEP
  2. For any subject in which a CLEP Test is not available credit by exam may be an option (see below). Through examination, it is determined if the student’s pro­ficiency is equivalent to that which could be expected upon completion of a college level course in the subject. If the student is found to have this level of proficiency, he/she is awarded credit for that course and allowed to proceed with the more advanced course or with other courses in other areas. The following stipulations apply:
    1. To qualify for credit by examination, the student must be enrolled at Western Wyoming Community College. No credit by examination will be permit­ted within the last month of a semester.
    2. A student may not earn credit by examination in a course if he/she has completed a course in the subject matter area above the level of the course in which he/she wishes to be examined.

Forty hours of credit earned through challenge and CLEP may be counted toward graduation from Western Wyoming Community College.