2014-2015 Catalog

Transfer of Credits

Students who wish to transfer course credits earned at Western Wyoming Community College to four-year colleges, universities, and professional schools should have no difficulty if their credits meet the following standards. Students planning to transfer to a four-year college or university should fulfill the requirements for the A.A., A.F.A., A.D.N., or A.S. Degrees.

  1. Acceptable Grades: Grades of “C” or better are normally necessary to gain credit transferable to four-year schools. Some colleges and universities accept “D’s”. Students should check with the institution to which they plan to transfer.
  2. Careful Selection of Courses: A student must choose courses at Western Wyoming Community College which are required by the four-year school for the student’s proposed major field of study. A student should check the catalog of that school and follow the program as closely as possible. If a course is numbered below the first listed course in a four-year program, credit will generally not be granted for the lower course.
  3. Courses carrying a number less than 1000 after the department prefix (ENGL 0950) will not transfer or count toward WWCC transfer degrees.
  4. Specialty courses listed under directed study, topics, cooperative education, or student leadership transfer at the discretion of the transferring institution.

Since each educational institution prescribes its own standards and its own prerequisites to transfer, a transfer student should discuss his/her program with the academic advisor. There is no limit to the number of hours students may transfer from WWCC to the University of Wyoming. However they must complete 48 hours of upper division credit so the average acceptable transfer hours are 70-80. Students enrolled at the University of Wyoming who have accumulated 60 hours of college credit may, with the approval of a petition to the UW college dean, take additional courses at Western Wyoming Community College within the above limita­tions.

Because of the specialized nature of certain courses in occupational-vocational education, students majoring in these areas and wishing to transfer should familiarize themselves with the curricula of the institution to which they plan to transfer. Programs in WWCC’s Office Information Systems, Health Science and Technology and Industry areas are not designed to be transfer programs. Students should discuss their program at the College with their academic advisor, Coordinator of Academic Advising, Registrar, the ACE IT Center, or the Vice-President of Student Learning.