2014-2015 Catalog

Benefits and Responsibilities of Honors Program Membership

Almost all Honors Program students participate in a special Honors Introduction to Humanities Seminar, offered in the fall semester. This seminar includes several field trips, as students examine the role of the arts and humanities in the human experience. As part of this course, students attend symphonies, plays, museums, and other cultural events at College expense.

Top Honors Program students may also be invited to attend regional or national honors conventions, funds permitting.

Honors Program students are required to maintain an average of three or more credits of honors courses for each semester of full-time study that they are in the program; or, if they are enrolled part-time, three credits of honors courses for each academic year. They must also maintain a GPA of at least 3.25. Any student who fails to meet these requirements has one semester on probation before being dropped from the Honors Program.

Students who have been members of the Honors Program for at least one semester, who meet certain program requirements, and who are deemed eligible by the college’s Financial Aid office will receive an Honors stipend of up to $500 in the spring semester. No student can receive more than two such stipends.