2014-2015 Catalog


The College Bookstore’s goal is to serve the educational institution of which it is a part. The desire is to operate as a service to the students and faculty with the purpose of providing the required tools of education. The philosophy is to operate the Bookstore as efficiently as possible, placing an emphasis on service.

The Bookstore is owned and maintained by Western Wyoming Community College, and is located in the central area near the Whisenand Student Center. Bookstore hours are from 7:50 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. on Mondays (when classes are in session) and 7:50 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Tuesday through Friday. During the first week of each semester, the Bookstore is open in the evenings Monday through Thursday.

Order or reserve textbooks online at wwccbookstore.com. Textbooks can be reserved online four weeks prior to the beginning of the course. The website has additional details.

The Bookstore is supplied with book orders prior to every semester by each instructor. Instructors are given the freedom of choice as to what textbooks they wish to use for their own classes. These textbooks are placed on shelves within the store by class and instructor’s name. Students should check their schedule when buying books or even attend class once before purchase, so that they purchase the correct books.

Should a book need to be returned, the student must have the WWCC Bookstore receipt and the book must be absolutely clean and in resalable condition (i.e., no marks, no name) to obtain a full refund prior to the posted deadline.

New book prices are established by the publisher. The Bookstore will make every effort to have used textbooks and other alternative formats available. The Bookstore also has several titles available for rent each semester both online and in the store.

The Bookstore offers the service of buying used books from students during finals week. Posters will be placed throughout the campus informing students of the actual date of the buyback.

The Bookstore has a fairly good supply of general reading material, as well as study guides and reference books. Any book not in stock can be special ordered. Supplies are also an integral part of the WWCC bookstore. Basic school supplies are kept in stock, as well as art and drafting supplies. Instructors are encouraged to inform the bookstore staff of special supplies that students may need, so that the Bookstore can make certain the items are available for purchase.