2015-2016 Catalog

Withdrawing From All Courses

Students who find it necessary to totally withdraw from college must realize that the responsibility for withdrawing from courses lies with the student.

Deadlines and procedures are the same as those listed above for dropping individual classes. Students must pick up the withdrawl form, obtain all appropriate signatures, and return the form to Registration & Records or appropriate Outreach office. Complete withdrawls cannot be done through Mustang WebAdvisor. No withdrawls will be permitted during the final week of the semester or after a semester is over.

Emergency withdrawl procedures after the drop deadline are also the same as those for dropping individual classes. In the case of a severe emergency when the student cannot come to the campus to withdraw, he/she should call the Registrar in Registration & Records and make arrangements for approval of the withdrawal.

Students failing to follow appropriate withdrawal procedures, will receive “F” grades on their permanent transcript.

Students are responsible for all financial obligations to the institution. Official records will be held if the student withdraws with outstanding debts.