2015-2016 Catalog

General Guidelines

Course Number

Each department has an internship category, which may be used. For the AAS and AFA programs, the 2480 is used and 2470 is used for AA and AS programs.


A full-time WWCC faculty member must supervise all internship experiences.


The job opportunity must be in the student’s major area and directly related to their program of study. In most cases, positions are identified by the college and the students are selected by the department. Thus, an existing position or job that a student already holds does not usually qualify. Eligibility requirements vary. Students must, therefore, check with the department to see if they meet that department’s qualifications. Instructor permission is required.


Students will be required to complete the following minimum requirements in order to receive internship credit:

  • Complete the required number of hours of on-the-job work experience (keep a log of hours worked);
  • Submit a journal of the experience;
  • Meet regularly with the instructor to discuss progress, concerns, etc;
  • Receive an evaluation from the on-site supervisor.


Registration for these courses must be completed by the specified date in the schedule. The latest date that these courses may begin is the open-entry deadline each semester (two weeks after midterm). Students and instructors must meet and agree on a course outline before the student may register. A copy of the outline must be submitted to the Internship Coordinator and Registration & Records prior to registration.