2015-2016 Catalog

Western’s Mission

As a community college keenly aware of community in its name, Western Wyoming Community College (Western) dedicates its resources to providing high quality learning opportunities for students and employees, to enriching the community’s cultural life, to enhancing the awareness of the community’s unique heritage and environment, and to adapting to changing needs of local business and industry primarily within its service area of southwest Wyoming.

In 1991, the Wyoming State Legislature adopted the following mission statement for Wyoming community colleges under the Post Secondary Omnibus Act:

The mission of Wyoming’s community colleges is to provide access to post-secondary educational opportunities by offering broad comprehensive programs in academic as well as vocational-technical subjects. Wyoming’s community colleges are low-tuition, open access institutions focusing on academic transfer programs, career and occupational programs, developmental and basic skills instruction, adult and continuing education, economic development training, public and community services programming and student support services.

Western has chosen to enhance this mission statement as follows:

Western’s fundamental purpose is to provide high quality learning opportunities to students who are at various stages of life and have differing needs and expectations. Committed to quality and success, Western encourages flexibility, innovation, and active learning for students, faculty and staff. The College understands that learning occurs inside and outside the classroom and, therefore, seeks to create an environment where lifelong learning is encouraged and where students and employees interact in an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Western has developed a curriculum designed to introduce students to multiple modes of intellectual inquiry that are believed to be fundamental to human knowledge and to successful learning. Through the College’s Goals for Student Success, students expand their capacity to solve problems both critically and creatively, to consider multiple perspectives, to retrieve relevant information, to communicate clearly, and to develop life skills that promote health and well-being.

Outside the classroom, Western provides additional learning activities, such as presentations, exhibits, performances, athletic events, internships, leadership opportunities, and residence hall programs. Support services complement Western’s focus on learning and assist the faculty and staff in helping students pursue their educational goals. Recognizing that the college experience influences the social, emotional, and physical well-being of each student, Western maintains a modern facility which contributes to a supportive environment that fosters interaction and student and employee development. Learning, both in and out of the classroom, provides students a foundation for succeeding in an ever-changing global environment.

Western recognizes that employees are our most important resource. Key factors of employee job satisfaction are growth opportunities, involvement, and recognition. The College provides funding and learning opportunities for continued professional development and access to new technologies. The College, furthermore, recognizes the value of employees by encouraging involvement in planning and decision-making, maintaining open communications, and supporting efforts to recognize their contributions.

Western’s students and employees seek to demonstrate integrity and professionalism in their relations with one another and the community. Ethical behavior, thus, is a priority in developing and implementing fair solutions, in communicating with outside entities, and during interactions between employees.

Western strives to achieve its institutional values through its Guiding Principles, principles that help the College adapt to change, plan for the future and make sound decisions.