2015-2016 Catalog

Requirements for the Associate of Science Degree

Every student must complete a minimum of 64 semester hours of credit. Of these 64, 26-27 credits are designated for major area coursework and electives. The student, therefore, has considerable flexibility in choosing courses.

General Education Requirements:

English (ENGL 1010 & ENGL 1020, ENGL 1111, ENGL 2005)

6 credits

Students must achieve a “C” or better grade in each course.

United States Government

3 credits

Students may fulfill this requirement by completing POLS 1000, HIST 1211, HIST 1221, or HIST 1251. State law requires students to successfully complete a course in the United States and Wyoming Constitutions. Students must achieve a “C” or better grade.

Social Science, Humanities, & Applied Arts

9 credits

Students must complete at least one course from two of the areas listed above.

Health & Human Activity

2 credits

Students may select courses from activity classes (PEAC courses), dance, nutrition, and wellness. Students who served in the military may receive two credits upon submission of their DD-214.

Science and Mathematics

14 credits

One course must be a lab science course from the biology, geology, chemistry, or physics areas with a "C" or better grade. If a second lab science course is taken it must also be a "C" or better grade. One course must be a college level (1000+) mathematics course with a “C” or better grade.

Computer Course

3 credits

This course may be chosen from programming or applications courses only.

Eligible courses: CMAP 1705, CMAP 1750, CMAP 1800, CMAP 1905, COSC 1010, COSC 1200, ES 1060, IMGT 2400, ITEC 2360


0-1 credits

Students must complete the WWCC assessment requirement for graduation. They may do so by taking Assessment Portfolio (HMDV 2410), the online MyFolio, or by attending the designated Assessment Day (both transcripted as HMDV 2411).

Total General Education Requirements

37-38 credits

Major Area Coursework, Electives

26-27 credits

Total Hours Required

64 credits minimum

  • The cumulative Western Wyoming Community College grade point average must be a 2.00 or better in order to graduate.
  • Generally no courses taken from WWCC for “S/U” grades may be used as hours for graduation, except CLEP credit by exam, military credit, and approved graduation S/U courses.
  • No coursework numbered less than 1000 will be applicable to the Associate of Science Degree (example: ENGL 0950).
  • A maximum of six hours of studies or workshops (2490, 2495, 2990, or 2995) coursework may be applied toward the Associate of Science Degree (example: POLS 2490).
  • A maximum of four hours of internship allowable toward graduation.
  • At least 15 hours of coursework must be completed through Western Wyoming Community College.

There are several Associate of Science Degrees which require specific courses to fulfill the requirements for the degree. The degree is listed with the major on the student’s transcript and diploma. The degrees are:

A.S. in Accounting

A.S. in Computer Information Systems

A.S. in Business Administration

A.S. in Exercise Science

A.S. in Marketing