2015-2016 Catalog

Refunds and Repayments for Students with Scholarship, Title IV Grant, or Title IV Loan

  1. A student who is in default or owes a refund to any institution of any funds received under Title IV grant or loan programs for attendance at any institution is not eligible to receive Title IV funds.
  2. A student who receives a scholarship, Title IV Grant, or Title IV Loan funds, and withdraws, drops out, or is expelled before the first day of classes in the payment period must repay the full amount of all such awards.
  3. A student who receives scholarship, Title IV Grant, or Title IV Loan funds and attended classes but subsequently withdraws, drops out, or is expelled must make repayment of such awards in accordance with established policy.
  4. Overpayments: If the student described above received Title IV Grant and scholarship funds in excess of tuition, book allowance, housing, and board payments made to Western Wyoming Community College, such excess constitutes an overpayment to the student if it exceeds the standard living cost allowance for the student’s period of attendance. If an over payment has been made, the student will be billed for repayment of that amount.  Within the scholarship category, repayments to the respective funds will be made in the same proportion as awards were received from those funds. Within the Title IV category, repayments will be prioritized with repayment successively to the Pell Grant fund and SEOG fund. No repayment to a fund may exceed the amount the student received from that fund.