2015-2016 Catalog

Transfer to the University of Wyoming

Students who plan to transfer from WWCC to the University of Wyoming should be aware of a number of things that make the process a simple matter.

  1. Transfer Agreement for WWCC Graduates : WWCC graduates with an AA or AS will transfer to UW under a guaranteed agreement. The agreement states that WWCC graduates will have met all of UW’s lower division general education requirements (called University Studies at UW) with the exception of an upper division C3 (advanced writing course). Students may be required to take additional USP (University Studies Program) courses as requirements for their college and major.
  2. Course Numbering System is the Same: UW and all seven Wyoming Community Colleges use the same name and number for most equivalent transfer courses. Thus, English 1010 has same name and number at all eight schools. To know which courses are equivalent, use the Transfer Catalog (see below).
  3. Transfer Catalog: The Transfer Catalog lists all the courses that transfer from the seven Wyoming Community Colleges to UW.  The Catalog lists equivalent courses and transfer courses. Equivalent courses generally have the same name and number at all eight institutions. Transfer courses transfer to UW even though they may not be taught at all colleges or at UW.  The catalog also lists all of UW's general education requirements (University Studies Program) and which courses meet those requirements.  The Transfer Catalog and other resources for transferring to UW are available at www.uwyo.edu/transfercredit.
  4. No Limit on Number of Credit Hours That Transfer: There is no limit to the number of credits WWCC students may transfer to UW; however, how these courses fulfill requirements specific to a UW program of study will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis.
  5. Transfer Agreement for Students Who Transfer Without an AA or AS: Students who transfer with less than an AA or AS degree or with an occupational degree, or other associate degree, will have their transcript evaluated on a course-by-course basis based on the Transfer Catalog. Such students will have to meet UW’s general education requirements, i.e. complete WWCC courses that meet UW’s University Studies requirement. Students should notify their advisor if they plan to transfer to UW without completing an AA or AS.

UW’s University Studies courses can be found at http://uwadmnweb.uwyo.edu/unst/