2016-2017 Catalog


Our business program places emphasis on function and responsibility to society as a member of the business community. Instruction in ethics and social sciences, and a working knowledge of modern management concepts is also stressed with a thrust toward the development of leadership.

Western offers programs of study that consist of a solid background in a breadth of business courses such as accounting, administration, computer science, management, and marketing. These courses provide preparation for a multitude of jobs in business, industry and government. Individuals working within this division of the College have the option of working toward occupational degrees and certificates or toward a more academically-oriented goal.

Business degrees can be completed through online course work.  Students seeking an online degree are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Complete the online learning course (HMDV 1025) prior to beginning their online program.
  2. Select a business faculty advisor for their degree area while seeking an online degree.