2016-2017 Catalog

Exercise Science/Fitness Leadership

These two programs are recommended for students interested in a career in exercise science, physical therapy, personal training, athletic training, sports medicine, and related fields. Western offers two options: the two-year A.S. degree in Exercise Science or the certificate in Fitness Leadership. With the two-year degree, students will have the foundation to transfer to various four-year programs in exercise science and related fields. With the certificate, students will have the basic skills to work in fitness centers, recreation centers, and health clubs as a personal trainer.

These programs will challenge students to learn the theory in the classroom and apply it to solve real problems with real clients. The classroom courses provide a solid knowledge base of human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and biomechanics of human movement. In addition, the program includes “hands-on” courses that will challenge students to apply that knowledge base to real clients with real problems, such as fitness leadership, exercise physiology, personal training exam preparation, and hands-on internships.