2016-2017 Catalog


Humanities can be the core of a general studies program and is designed for the individual who is interested in earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree at a four-year institution. Humanities view people in their creative context through literature, languages, theatre, music, art, journalism, and speech. Students will be offered many avenues for discovering your creativity such as editing and reporting and creative writing. Such study is rich in value for the individual involved in growing and developing into a fully functional human being.

The area of Humanities offers courses in journalism, communication, Spanish, literature, Western American Studies, Creative Writing and English. These courses provide preparation for jobs in business, industry, government, law and teaching and provide the opportunity for better understanding of the ideas and institutions of civilization.

Students take courses in these fields for a variety of reasons:

  1. They may wish to complete the required hours of humanities.
  2. They may wish to transfer to a four-year college and major in journalism, art, music, communication, theatre, foreign languages, literature and English.
  3. They may wish to broaden their college experience or to take these courses because they are interested in the subject matter.

Suggested programs in each of the following areas of emphasis are offered as general guidelines. Each student’s program will be mutually devised by the student and the student’s advisor to fit individual needs and abilities. Transfer students should consult the catalog of the transfer school of their choice for comparison.