2017-2018 Catalog

Course Loads

Students at Western Wyoming Community College may enroll as either full-time or part-time students. For fee purposes, a full-time student takes twelve semester hours or more and a part-time student takes eleven or fewer semester hours. Any student who attempts more than 18 hours must obtain the signature of his/her faculty advisor and the Registrar in Mustang Central or the VP for Student Success Services at the time of registra­tion.  No student may enroll for more than 22 hours without petitioning for approval from his/her faculty advisor, the Registrar, VP for Student Success Services, or the VP for Student Learning. Overload fees are charged for over 21 hours.

A credit hour equates to one contact hour per week in lecture classes and two contact hours per week in laboratory-skill classes. Each student should plan to spend at least two hours of study on his/her own for each contact hour of classroom training. Course loads should be planned accord­ingly, as should work schedules.