2017-2018 Catalog

Guidelines for Waiving Course Fees for Outreach

Individual class fees may be waived for outreach courses where the fees are covered by another means (i.e., school district in-kind matching).


  1. The outreach coordinator must submit a request for a course fee waiver to Mustang Central when a course creation is submitted. The request must be accompanied by documentation regarding why fees won’t be charged (i.e., letter from school district saying they aren’t charging for computer supplies).
  2. The waiver request may be made as a one-time request or as a permanent exception.
  3. Mustang Central staff will submit the request to the VP for Student Learning for authorization.
  4. Mustang Central staff will notify the outreach office of approval or disapproval of the waiver.

Contact the Registrar for more information regarding the procedure or permanent exceptions.