2017-2018 Catalog

Student Housing and Dining

Western Wyoming Community College Housing consists of seven Residence Halls; Snowy Range, White Mt., Teton, Wind River, Rocky Mt. I, Rocky Mt. II, and Aspen Mt. Snowy Range, White Mt. and Teton Halls consist primarily of one and two bedroom apartments, with non-apartment suite units on the ground floor. Each building has a 72 person capacity. Wind River Hall has apartments with individual bedroom units (commonly called “Pods”) with a common living and kitchen space. Wind River Hall can accommodate 48 residents, making it the smallest residence hall by capacity. The Rocky Mt. Hall Complex consists of Rocky Mt. Hall I & II. Rocky Mt. I consists of Rocky Mt. Suite units and can accommodate 72 residents. Rocky Mt. Hall II has semi-private rooms with a capacity of 93. Aspen Mt. Hall is located close to the main campus and can accommodate 120 residents.

The seven residence halls are all fully furnished, ADA accessible and are conveniently located on or near all college facilities. Total capacity is 558.

The following options are presently available:

  1. Ground floor Suites (Double Occupancy) Snowy Range, White Mt. & Teton Halls.
  2. Rocky Mt. Suites (Double Occupancy)Rocky Mt. Hall I.
  3. Rocky Mt. Semi-private units (Double Occupancy)Rocky Mt. Hall II
  4. One Bedroom Apartments (Double Occupancy) Snowy Range, White Mt. and Teton Halls.
  5. Two Bedroom Apartments (Four Person Units) Snowy Range, White Mt. and Teton Halls.
  6. Private Bedroom Apartment Units, Wind River Hall
  7. Aspen Mt. Semi-private units (Double Occupancy) Aspen Mt. Hall

Students living in the on-campus housing are governed by rules, regulations and guidelines as expressed in the Residence Halls Handbook (part of this document by reference).

Western Wyoming Community College has organized its housing program to accomplish the following:

  1. Administer housing services that are beneficial to the student’s academic, physical, emotional and social development.
  2. Personalize the institution’s processes and agencies to assist students to expand their acquaintance and knowledge of other persons and groups.
  3. Structure productive, secure and pleasant environments.
  4. Disseminate knowledge and encourage growth in those areas of human development not included in the formal curriculum.
  5. Provide via staff personnel, more mature role model behaviors that are consistent with the objectives of higher education in a democratic society.

The residence halls also have computer labs available and all residence hall rooms are Internet accessible.

Inquiries should be directed to Mustang Central.

The College food service offers a 275, 175, and 75 meals per semester plan. Students residing in suite units and all on-campus freshmen are required to purchase at least a 175 per semester meal plan. Other students may purchase meal plans or pay on a daily basis.