2018-2019 Catalog

General Requirements for All Degrees or Certificates

Students must complete the following general requirements before the College will grant a degree or certificate.

The student must have:

  • A cumulative grade point average of 2.00 (a “C” average) or better in all hours attempted at Western Wyoming Community College;
  • At least 15 credit hours must be completed through Western Wyoming Community College;
  • Generally no courses taken from WWCC for “S/U” grades may be used for graduation hours (does not include credit by exam, extra-institutional credit, or military credit, or approved S/U courses);
  • Students may not receive credit for courses which are prerequisite to courses they have already completed;
  • A maximum of six hours of studies or workshops (2490, 2495, 2990 or 2995) coursework may be applied towards an Associate Degree;
  • A maximum of four hours of internship for AA & AS degrees and six hours for AAS degrees allowed credit for graduation.

Double Major

A double major is a program of study that meets the requirements of two distinct majors in a single Associates degree. The program of study consists of courses required to meet the degree requirements for each of the two majors, together with the courses needed to meet the general education requirements for the degree. The minimum number of credit hours required for a double major equals the total number of credit hours required for the major comprising the larger number of credit hours for the degree.

Students may apply the same coursework towards the fulfillment of requirements for both majors; however, nine major credits must be distinctive to the second major. Students who complete the requirements for a double major receive a single diploma that acknowledges both majors.

Because a double major program leads to a single Associates degree, each of the two majors must be associated with the same degree type (i.e., both must be registered as a AA degree).

Dual Degree

A dual degree program is one in which the student works towards satisfying the academic requirements for two distinct degree types in an integrated fashion. Students may apply the same coursework towards the fulfillment of the requirements for both degrees.  To achieve the academic depth and breadth implied by a program of study that results in the awarding of two associates degrees, a dual degree program consists of substantial additional coursework as compared to that required for a double major; namely, a minimum of 15 additional semester hours beyond the credit hours required for the degree program comprised of the smaller number of credits. In most cases, a minimum of 79 credits will be required to earn dual degrees. Students who successfully complete a dual degree program receive two diplomas, one for each degree earned.