2018-2019 Catalog

Children’s Center

The Western Wyoming Community College Children’s Center, located next to the gymnasium building, and adjacent to the Aquatic Center, is a spacious, modern facility. The Center follows guidelines set forth by the Wyoming Department of Family Services. Childcare is available during the day to children of any parent taking classes at Western Wyoming Community College.  The Center is also available to the children of faculty and staff, based on availability.

The Children’s Center operates according to the Academic Calendar and is available fall, spring and summer semesters. A fee is charged for each child attending the Center based on the number of credits for which the parent is registered and the time the parent spends on campus. To ensure safety and minimal costs, the Children’s Center requires the parent to remain on campus while their children are in the Center. Please contact the Director for more information.

Children using the Center, during the day, must be age two through five to participate. All children must be toilet-trained unless they are in the two-year-old class. The Children’s Center operates three classes according to age, “Bunnies" are 2-3 years old, “Bears" are 3-4 years old,  “Turtles" are 4-5 years old. Children must turn two before September 15th of the current year to attend.  Each class is staffed by qualified teachers and aides. Each parent is asked to fill out a registration packet for each child. In addition, students must provide a copy of their class schedule and an immunization record for their child.

The Children’s Center also provides an After Hours program Monday through Thursday to provide childcare to children 2 years of age through the 4th grade. The After Hours program focuses on helping children with homework and academics, in addition to providing a variety of activities, including art projects, campus walks, gross motor activities and free play. During the After Hours program the children are able to have dinner, if necessary, and to prepare at the Center for bedtime at home.

The Children’s Center utilizes the Creative Curriculum, a nationally recognized, research-based program designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. The Zoo-Phonics program is also utilized to teach reading readiness, preparing the children for Kindergarten. The Center works closely with the Sweetwater County Child Developmental Center to address developmental needs, permitting the parent to focus on his or her own education during the day.

In addition to serving the parents of young children, the Children’s Center provides observation and field experiences for a variety of disciplines on campus including nursing, education, and psychology.  Not only does the Children's Center maintain an enriched, educational experience for the children who are served there, it also ensures high quality care and education, providing practical opportunities for Western Wyoming Community College students.