2019-2020 Catalog

Departmental Internships


Internships provide students with an opportunity to evaluate their probable career or college major by working in that career with a local industry or business. Typically, a student is recommended for an internship after they have completed one year of courses.

Internships in the technical areas (Technology and Industry or Office Information Systems) may also provide part-time employment as well as practical professional experience. Afterwards many of these students are hired full-time and complete their AAS while working for a local company. At Western, freshmen or sophomores can take advantage of these opportunities, while at most universities students must be juniors or seniors.

During internships, students can interact with professionals in the work place, can experience the day-to-day routine of a psychologist, an engineer, a teacher, or an archaeologist, and can apply classroom theories to on-the-job situations. The benefit, of course, is that students can decide—based on experience in that profession firsthand—if their chosen major really fits their interests and abilities.

Western offers a variety of internships. Qualifications for an internship vary with departments. Students can should check with the department to see if they meet that department’s qualifications or contact Mustang Success at (307)382-1660 for more information.