2018-2019 Catalog


This course is an introduction to the scope of Geology, the concepts involved, the several branches of the science, and some of the economic and cultural aspects of the science. Emphasis is on the materials and processes that make and shape the Earth, and how those concepts are related to the Theory of Plate Tectonics. Students will learn to identify common minerals and rocks and explain their composition; learn about plate tectonics and use this theory to explain the origin of ocean basins, mountain chains, continents, earthquakes, volcanoes; and learn about the rock cycle, weathering of rocks, and formation of landforms (glaciers, river valleys, coastal features). Geology makes extensive use of the scientific method and hands-on learning. This course has a significant lab component that is designed to help students learn and understand concepts taught in class; hence the Scientific Method will be used in lab exercises.




MATH 0920 or higher


GEOL 1101