2020-2021 Catalog

Western’s Mission

As a community college keenly aware of community in its name, Western Wyoming Community College (Western) dedicates its resources to providing high quality learning opportunities for students and employees, to enriching the community’s cultural life, to enhancing the awareness of the community’s unique heritage and environment, and to adapting to changing needs of local business and industry primarily within its service area of southwest Wyoming.

In 1991, the Wyoming State Legislature adopted the following mission statement for Wyoming community colleges under the Post Secondary Omnibus Act:

The mission of Wyoming’s community colleges is to provide access to post-secondary educational opportunities by offering broad comprehensive programs in academic as well as vocational-technical subjects. Wyoming’s community colleges are low-tuition, open access institutions focusing on academic transfer programs, career and occupational programs, developmental and basic skills instruction, adult and continuing education, economic development training, public and community services programming and student support services.

In 2019 Western updated the mission statement as follows:

Western is an innovative public college aimed at empowering, educating, and improving our students, employees, community and environment. Our focus is to inspire the next generation of visionaries by using Wyoming grit and individual development in a diverse array of learning and flexible services. Western is where passion meets purpose.