2019-2020 Catalog

Student Organizations and Activities

Every credit student is a member of the Associated Students with the right to participate in student organizations, compete in intramural athletics, gain free admission to athletic events sponsored by the college and participate in certain social and cultural activities in the community.

The governing body of the Associated Students is the Student Government Association, composed of twenty-two elected positions - president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, eight senators, and eleven Campus Activities Board members. Representatives of Student Government sit on many College-wide committees.

The College believes that the student must be actively involved in the operation of the institution, if his or her education is to be complete. It is the responsibility of the Student Government to promote activities which stimulate the intellectual, physical and social life of the campus. Traditionally, Student Government sponsors College dances and social events as well as lectures and other entertainment. Efforts have been made to expand the educational, cultural and civic involvement of the Associated Students in the total life of the campus, thus involving the student leader and his or her constituency in the decision-making process related to pertinent issues of the College and the contemporary world.